Female Models

Brooklyn Management has proven itself as one of the top modelling agencies in the industry, with some of the most in-demand female models in Melbourne. We’ve worked with countless clients and some of the world’s most recognisable brands to provide them with a diverse range of female models who are reliable, highly skilled and extensively experienced.

Since starting in 2006, Brooklyn Management has spent almost 20 years at the top of the modelling game in Australia. We’re proud to represent a diverse and unique range of female models, catering to the needs of a wide range of brands and helping them find a model to best represent them and their audience.

All of our female models in Australia undergo intensive training once they’re signed and carry themselves professionally at all times. Whether you’re looking for models to work on content creation, print campaigns, e-comm shoots, runway shows or anything else, Brooklyn Management’s female models know how to get the job done and exceed all expectations.

As one of Australia’s top modelling agencies, we’re known for being one step ahead of the industry trends, keeping up with changing landscapes and working with some of the best female models in Australia. With a long list of clients including Mecca, David Jones and Sportsgirl, countless brands trust us to deliver a diverse range of non-binary, plus-sized, classic, male and female models to help them stand out from the crowd. To find out more and enquire about booking our talent, contact us at +61 421 034 696.


What should I consider when booking female models for my brand or campaign?

When selecting our female models in Australia, consider factors such as their look, personality, relevance to your brand image and the specific requirements of your shoot or show. Review their portfolios to ensure they meet your aesthetic and target audience. Brooklyn Management also recommends considering diversity and inclusivity to accurately represent your customer base.

How do I hire female models?

To hire Brooklyn Management’s female models in Australia, give us a ring at +61 421 034 696 or use our contact form. Please provide us with your name, phone number, email and business name, as well as a short overview of what type of job you want to book talent for and the kind of models you’re interested in booking. One of our team members will quickly be in touch to provide further details and a list of models we think are right for the job.

Do your models have experience working with specific industries or types of projects?

At Brooklyn Management, our female models have experience working across various industries and projects, including fashion editorials, runway shows, advertising campaigns and lifestyle shoots. Many models specialise in specific niches or have expertise in portraying certain roles or characters. When selecting models for your project, let us know what kind of experience and expertise you’re looking for so that we can ensure you find the talent you need.