Rupert Laycock

Rupert Laycock is a Melbourne-based photographer and director, known for his work in fashion, swimwear, and lifestyle photography. With a degree from RMIT in 2012, his career led him to London where he refined his skills in various senior photography roles, collaborating with major brands and with publications. His work is rooted in authentic storytelling, capturing moments in both photography and videography with his unique perspective.

Rupert’s approach to lighting—whether natural or in-studio—along with his ability to capture stories through his lens, has made his work stand out. He’s dedicated to creating images and videos that not only reflect his professional skill but also his passion for visual storytelling.

In 2021, Rupert returned to Melbourne. He continues to work with creative agencies and brands both in Australia and internationally, always looking for projects that resonate with his creative vision. Rupert values building close relationships with his clients and is always eager to meet new talent and explore new locations.
His work with top international brands and magazines has been a highlight of his career, but for Rupert, the real satisfaction comes from the creative process and the people he meets along the way.