Male Models

At Brooklyn Management, we pride ourselves on representing the very best Melbourne male models. No matter what type of aesthetic you’re going for, we have the talent you need to bring your shoot to life and represent your brand in the best way possible.

Established in 2006, for almost 20 years now, we’ve proven ourselves to be one of the top modelling agencies in the country. What sets us apart from our competitors is our dedication to representing inclusivity and diversity, with a range of male models that are striking, talented and hard-working.

Our male models in Australia have extensive experience collaborating with leading fashion houses, establishing a prominent presence and gaining international recognition. Whether it’s fashion campaigns, runway shows, e-comm shoots or anything else, our male models have the experience and industry knowledge required for the job to run as smoothly as possible.

As a leading modelling agency, we’re able to keep up with the changing industry landscape and stay one step ahead of all the latest trends. We’ve worked with countless clients across various industries to provide them with the finest Melbourne male models. No matter what age, height, body type, or ethnicity you’re looking for in a male model in Melbourne, Brooklyn Management will be able to help. To find out more, contact us at +61 421 034 696.


What are the size and height requirements for male models?

At Brooklyn Management, we do not have size or height requirements for any of our models, all we ask is that you be aged 15 or above. Although male models with a height of at least 180 cm tend to get the most work, we pride ourselves on representing and embracing male models in Australia of all shapes and sizes. In recent years there has been a growing demand for models outside the traditional standards and we’re leading the charge in seizing these opportunities for our talent.

What types of modelling opportunities are available for male models?

At Brooklyn Management, our male models can pursue various opportunities in fashion, commercials, fitness, editorial, runway and more. Depending on their professional goals, they may appear in advertising campaigns, catalogue shoots, fashion editorials or walk the runways for top local and international designers. Diversifying your portfolio and being open to different types of work can maximise your potential opportunities and take your modelling career to the next level, all with the support of Brooklyn Management.

Where do I find male models in Australia?

If you’re looking for the best male models in Australia, Brooklyn Management is proud to represent some of the finest in the business. Our models have a long history of working with some of the world’s most recognisable brands, bringing a unique aesthetic, impressive professionalism and dedication to their craft. With an incredibly diverse roster, you’ll be able to find a diverse range of male models to represent your brand positively and with impeccable style.