Curve Models

At Brooklyn Management, we represent a diverse range curve/plus-size models in Melbourne. Specialising in a variety of modelling jobs such as content creation/user-generated content, fashion campaigns, e-comm shoots, runway and more, our plus-size models are highly experienced, beautiful and talented on set..

Established almost 20 years ago, Brooklyn Management has a long history of working with curve models in Melbourne and helping brands elevate and expand their reach and image. With the ability to work in fast-paced environments across both photo and video, our plus-size models are reliable in delivering unbeatable radiance and positivity.

Plus-size models can help your brand represent a diverse range of body types, accurately reflecting your target audience and demonstrating your commitment to inclusivity. By seeing models who represent their own body types, a feeling of relatability and empowerment can grow among consumers. By enhancing authenticity and building trust, our plus-size models in Melbourne allow your brand to stand out from its competitors, make a positive impact and reach an audience that’s often ignored and undervalued.

With a value of over $1.1 billion, the plus-size market represents a highly valuable opportunity for your brand. Brooklyn Management can help you transform the perception of your business and allow you to inspire body positivity. Our curve models in Melbourne are professional, gorgeous and can help your company positively influence social change. To find out more about our plus-size models, contact us at +61 421 034 696.


How has the plus-size industry grown?

The plus-size modelling industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, growing from a niche market to a mainstream presence. As society’s attitude towards body diversity has shifted, there’s been an increased demand for more inclusive representation in both fashion and media. This demand has increased the visibility of plus-size models in advertising campaigns, runway shows, editorial spreads and more. More and more brands are recognizing the purchasing power of diverse consumer demographics, driving further investment in this sector. Overall, the growth of the plus-size model industry reflects a cultural shift towards body positivity and inclusivity.

What size are curve models in Melbourne?

Plus-size models typically range from Australian sizes 12 to 20 or sometimes even larger, depending on the specific requirements of your brand. These sizes may vary slightly, but generally, plus-size models in Melbourne represent sizes that are larger than the standard fashion industry’s “straight sizes.” At Brooklyn Management, we represent curve models in a wide range of sizes and are proud to help them play a crucial role in representing a diverse range of body types and promoting body positivity and inclusivity within the fashion industry.

How do I hire a plus-size model?

If you’re interested in hiring curve models in Melbourne, Brooklyn Management represents some of the country’s most in-demand plus-size talent. With experience in content creation, runway, campaigns and so much more, our plus-size models have the experience and the look you need to best represent your brand and its values.