Shiree Collier

Keeping attention to the finest details with the overall look is what gives Shiree the ability to produce a high standard of work and are key attributes to her success. Specializing in fashion and beauty brand campaigns.

In the past year Shiree has won 3 makeup titles;
International Beauty Industry awards ‘best eye makeup’ award 2022.
Australian Makeup Industry Awards ‘Editorial/fashion Makeup Artist of the year’ 2021.
Makeup Artist Guild Asia Pacific ‘Macro makeup artist of the year’ 2020.

With a career spanning over two decades in NZ, Australia and America, Shiree worked with notable celebrities, companies and brands like the Oprah Winfrey USA tour celebrity guests, USA Secretary of State – Condoleezza Rice awarding the ‘Prize for World Civilization’, Emmy® Awards, Manchester United FC, Louis Vuitton, Pfizer, Amazon, Microsoft, Zoom, Porsche, Disney, Adidas, the Super Bowl, VOGUE, Forbes magazine, The Real Housewives, Foxtel, Samsung, MTV, The Today show USA, The New York Times, Emirates, Toyota, L’oreal, Coca Cola, Starbucks and Grey Goose among many more.
She has had billboards in Times square NYC and on Sunset Boulevard LA, been interviewed regarding her expertise with hair and makeup work by 3 international magazines and a music channel on TV. Been the head makeup artist for many runway fashion shows, judged American state beauty pageants, written blogs for makeup brands and as a Beauty Editor for L.A and N.Z print published magazines.